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Rosette design for "The Bee".
This is a curly walnut back for "The Bee", which will be a Low-G Tenor ukulele for my daughter.
Here is a Macassar Ebony back in the go-bar deck.
A Cocobolo back for Andy's "guitalele", which I would rather call a soprano guitar. It will have six strings, tuned up a fifth. We are going to use a 19" scale on this instrument.
Cat not included...
This is a Low G Tenor. Western Red Cedar top, Dalbergia Granadillo back and sides, Mother-of-Pearl rosette, peg head inlay and marker dots, ebony peg head veneer, fingerboard and bridge. Played by Kimo Hussey at the 2014 Guild of American Luthiers convention. It has a big, warm sound and projects nicely. This instrument is FOR SALE. $1600 w/ tweed hard case. Please email me for details.