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This is a curly walnut back for "The Bee", which will be a Low-G Tenor ukulele for my daughter.
Here is a Macassar Ebony back in the go-bar deck.
A Cocobolo back for Andy's "guitalele", which I would rather call a soprano guitar. It will have six strings, tuned up a fifth. We are going to use a 19" scale on this instrument.


This is highly recommend blog to those who are musically and instrument incline, they will enjoy reading this blog. I love this blog because it talks about restoration and customizing your own stringed guitars, whether if it is in a good condition or not. Somehow, I get an idea from this that there can be more to that than just by being a guitar as is. You can invent out of the stringed guitars just be creative on it, and be more resourceful on the materials that you are going to need. Playing stringed instruments are one of the favorite hangout that most of us do, by these we discover our inner talent and what more we can do, it is also a skills that need to be trained to be better in doing this. Thank you for sharing this blog i learned a lot, surely will try and recommend this to my friends who are great in stringed guitars.


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