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This is a curly walnut back for "The Bee", which will be a Low-G Tenor ukulele for my daughter.
Here is a Macassar Ebony back in the go-bar deck.
A Cocobolo back for Andy's "guitalele", which I would rather call a soprano guitar. It will have six strings, tuned up a fifth. We are going to use a 19" scale on this instrument.


09/23/2016 11:19am

This is the great guitar model and you are the greatest artiest in the world and this guitalele is really awesome. I am also tried to make this model with the help of these photos if I have any problem I can tell you.

09/27/2017 2:56am

So you are currently working on a certain project, this is so exciting! This is the very first time I've heard about "guitalele". It looks unique and cute. does it have a different sound compare to a usual guitar and ukelele. I am actually interested to try it because of its uniqueness. I just finds it too unique for a certain musical instrument I am happy to know that you're almost done with your current project!

01/09/2017 9:12am

What wood do you prefer to work with and why?

02/06/2017 1:41am

Can't wait to finished projects. I am sure they look amazing.

09/19/2017 9:01am

Can you build a guitar for me? I want to get a custom guitar from you soon.


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