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Here are a couple of the new ukes from the latest batch. 


09/22/2016 12:03pm

The latest samples of the sound as you shared with us here these are looking fantastic especially from the pitch of the sound side. They are creating the good kind of the sources. I really enjoy while listening them.

11/22/2016 12:43am

I have a ukulele that I got during my 15th birthday. It is one of the most precious gifts that I still have up until now. I love using it, especially when I have nothing else to do at home. I usually watch tutorials on Youtube to further enhance my skills on playing a ukulele. I enjoyed watching your video, though! I'm looking forward to your future posts.

01/09/2017 9:11am

I always struggle with my tongue when pronouncing ukulele)) Just a fan fact.

05/09/2017 5:52am

Nice simple! They sound really cool! Can't wait to hear what will be in the end.

10/18/2017 5:48pm

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