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This neck was finished in March of 1965. The 2 designates a Strat neck, not the date. You can see from this picture how thin the rosewood fretboard is. In addition, this is an example of a neck that was fretted sideways, the Fender way until 1983.



My friend had an antique classical guitar that has the words "F. Enders" on it's back. I don't remember where he got it. I heard Germany is buying it back. We just don't know to whom we can sell it.
I don't think my friend wants to part with it either. It still needs to be restored.

11/15/2017 11:04pm

It's a good experience to see vintage items still intact up to these days. This indicates that quality is really a big thing before. Well, up to these days manufacturers still care for quality of their products. But products before are more durable, that could be because manufacturers do not really care about the quantity they can make. They are more concerned about the quality of the products they will be making. Nowadays, it's more of a business.


Stratocaster is one of the well know brand of guitars in the world. This is a rarity now!

02/07/2017 1:15am

This is so old! Finished in 1965, amazing! Where did you get it?

03/25/2017 5:59pm

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This thing is pretty vintage. I like that a lot. You definitely should save it.

10/20/2017 9:50am

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10/26/2017 12:05am


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