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This neck was finished in March of 1965. The 2 designates a Strat neck, not the date. You can see from this picture how thin the rosewood fretboard is. In addition, this is an example of a neck that was fretted sideways, the Fender way until 1983.



My friend had an antique classical guitar that has the words "F. Enders" on it's back. I don't remember where he got it. I heard Germany is buying it back. We just don't know to whom we can sell it.
I don't think my friend wants to part with it either. It still needs to be restored.


Stratocaster is one of the well know brand of guitars in the world. This is a rarity now!

02/07/2017 1:15am

This is so old! Finished in 1965, amazing! Where did you get it?

03/25/2017 5:59pm

Your web design is very good. I love to see it.


This thing is pretty vintage. I like that a lot. You definitely should save it.


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