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Nice birdseye maple neck. Weird grey crap in the nut slot.



Image is not enough for the explanation of the topic. I think more detail must add to understand the main concept of the image. I am not agreed with the tiny description of the image.


I have dreamed of having my own guitar when I was 15 years old. I was part of the Music team in our church that time actually. As a matter of fact, I was their vocal lead that time. As much as I remembered, the vocal leads were asked to learn an instrument. I have actually chosen guitar that time. In line with this, I asked my father if he could buy me one. And luckily, he had given me money for the guitar. I was very happy that time because I can now play and sing at the same time.

01/09/2017 9:09am

A well made guitar can live almost forever with some additional help and care.

08/16/2017 12:44pm

Looks like this guitar is pretty old. Can you post some more photos, please?

08/29/2017 5:58pm

Music add color to this world! All of us, even if we have different languages can communicate through music! It is the universal language that each and every person can understand. I love listening to it because it gives my body a natural relaxation that I always need because I am always stressed! It is nice to read about people who has love and passion towards music and other elements related to it. It is also a good practice to become artistic and creative.

10/22/2017 8:03pm

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