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These old, worn out frets are coming out. Sideways!

Frets are out! No damage to the fretboard. Very lightly sanded to knock down the high spots, I am leaving the fingernail divots alone.



09/18/2016 1:25am

So you are making the piece of guitar and I have only one thing to say that I am waiting to see the complete guitar. This really is a unique work and I have never seen it before.

10/19/2017 1:38am

It seems like you are up in recycling your old instruments. That's a good thing! Instead of buying new instruments that could cost thousands, it's a great idea that you checked your old frets and see if there are still things that can be used. True to your gut feeling, the fretboard is not yet damaged! Now you can still make a new instrument out of that material. Please update us if you will be having a new instrument out of this old one. Please post a photo too!

09/29/2016 8:22pm

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09/29/2016 8:25pm

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01/09/2017 4:26am

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01/09/2017 9:08am

Working with almost a bare hands is so cool. Can't wait to see the results.

08/07/2017 1:11am

Wow, you're talented! You like doing different DIY things, right?


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