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A first look at the Gizmotron 2.0.


12/08/2016 8:01am

Gizmotron is a device which is recommended for violin or guitar players and that device is mostly used by those persons whom are related to the music industry.

07/11/2017 7:12pm

Well, I don't know about you but I'd be more than happy to share a bit of fashion boxing on my blog and share some good vibes all around to fashion junkies out there. Gotta head over to best buy to get it and film my boxing video. I am a little worried about someone else boxing my new I mac and fiddling about inside it. Gizmo tron, an effect unit for the electric guitar. Gizmo key, found on certain.

01/09/2017 9:07am

I buy from a shop that give a nice discount if you show the unboxing process on youtube!

05/24/2017 8:17am

This is the first time I've encountered the word gizmotron. At first, I thought it was some kind of a robot because of its spelling. However, I find it cool to learn about gizmotron. I used to play in a band however, I am only familiar with amplifier and the standard musical instruments like drum, guitar and piano. Now, I've learned that gizmo is used as effects for eletric guitar or bass guitar.

07/16/2017 11:45pm

It would be a good feeling for you if you are using the gismotron for the first time.

07/17/2017 1:35am

thank you for sharing this post.


Now I know what is Gismotron. I think I should buy this thing too!


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