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Here is a test run of the Giszmotron 2.0 that I installed on a customer's guitar. It's a little finicky getting it adjusted properly, but once you have it dialed in, it works. The wheels require a break-in period, after which the sound smooths out somewhat. I also have it at about half speed, which is recommended by the manufacturer until the wheels are broken in.


08/30/2016 10:52am

Awesome! I haven't seen anything like that. What's the make and model of your guitar? Will that work on any kind of guitar? I am not sure if it can work on mine. I hope there's a tutorial on how to install that.

08/28/2017 5:27am

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12/05/2016 8:25am

I should install it on my guitar too! It will be a good experience.

01/06/2017 3:47am

Cool! I think I should do some experiments with my guitars too!

03/25/2017 4:57pm

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05/06/2017 10:59pm

06/26/2017 10:43pm

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08/25/2017 3:24am

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