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As promised, the Soldering Wall of Shame photo gallery has begun. These are a few examples of the kind of things that come into the shop for reworking. I'm going to try to dig up some more. Enjoy!


11/27/2016 12:04am

Looks like they do need quite a bit of rework..

01/02/2017 1:42am

I have a friend who knows how to fix guitars. I see a lot of these in his shop. They call this look "spaghetti". They also refer to wires like that. Sometimes when the boys are too lazy to organize guitar wires, they leave everything to look like spaghetti. No one wants to fix it. I end up fixing it myself and now I feel I have OCD.

09/29/2017 12:22am

It’s nice to see the before photos of all the guitars that you have successfully repaired over time. Nothing beats a new and improved guitar after being broken. It must be rewarding to see the faces of your customers after they receive their newly repaired instruments. A wall of shame is really funny and also memorable. I hope more and more people come to your shop to have their guitars repaired or renewed. More power to your business and keep it up!

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04/01/2017 10:35am

You can create a guitar from this trash? That's amazing! You are so creative!

05/09/2017 7:59am

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06/15/2017 4:46am

The condition is really bad. I think people are waiting for the final stage of destruction of the device to give to a repair shop. When they check the component’s condition will be too bad and can’t be repaired. Replacement will be the only way.

07/14/2017 9:43am

It was a guitar once? It's hard to believe in that. I am really impressed.

07/16/2017 11:43pm

Looks like that guitar is burned or something.

07/17/2017 1:36am

Looks like a damaged electric guitar.

08/12/2017 1:52am

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10/30/2017 4:17pm

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