Stringed instrument repairs
Custom builds
audio electronics
I am now the proud new tenant in this 1200 SF shop. Ballona Creek Lutherie will be moving operations soon!


03/03/2017 11:28pm

Well, it is happy to known that you going to open the new shop. It looks like the repairs lab that set the electronics parts and many more things. You need lots of the setting and need to manage the good things.

07/13/2017 9:07am

Your shop is all about your dream, your passion and what you have always stood for. I wish you all the best in your enterprising endeavor. Hope that luck is always by your side as you start the crucial first days of your new shop with a prestigious project. Congratulations and best wishes for the future.

05/08/2017 10:44pm

It is really nice to know that you have looked for some bigger space for your shop. You are now able to do your work better because the space is no longer a problem. I just hope you will think of some ways on how you can maximize the place. I am sure you are allowed to do more with the given shop space you had. Maximize the space and I am sure you can do more.

06/01/2017 3:45am

Shifting our place or office to new place is very exciting because it is a certificate of your work & success.

06/13/2017 11:58am

It's your new shop? This place looks fantastic! I really want to visit it right now.

07/16/2017 11:41pm

Good to hear about that news of getting new shop.


Enough space for you to easily work on.


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